Guangdong to welcome a 3~5℃ drop in temperature this week

2020-01-08 14:30:45

This week, Guangdong is expected to see some light rain and a drop in temperatures, with light fog in the morning and evening. It is predicted that the cold wave will gradually spread from the northwest to the south over the evening of January 7th. The temperature will reduce by 3-5 ℃ on average across the province.

[File photo\Nanfang Daily]

Yesterday morning, fog appeared in most cities and counties of Guangdong. Dense fog was reported in some areas of Zhaoqing, Foshan, Jiangmen, Shanwei and Meizhou, with visibility below 500m. The lowest visibility of just 80m was recorded at Enping, Jiangmen and Guangning, Zhaoqing.

Dear readers, keep dry and drive safe!

7-day weather forecast for Guangzhou:

6th, cloudy, 19-25℃

7th, cloudy, 15-25℃

8th, cloudy, 13-23℃

9th, cloudy, 15-24℃

10th, cloudy, 16-25℃

11th, light rain, 14-25℃

12th, light rain, 11-21℃

Author: Hannah

Editor: Simon

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